Building Skin
Conceived as the next generation of downtown commercial developments, the building is a bold modern expression of transparent glass and silver metal banding, rising above the surrounding streetscape.

"Green" Building
The Building has received a Gold Rating under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system by the U.S. Green Building Council.   In addition to being environmentally friendly, special emphasis has been placed on energy and resource conservation and the provision of a healthy indoor environment for tenants and visitors.

“Green” features designed into the building include:
  • Roofing designed to reduce heat island effects.
  • Plumbing fixtures designed for reduced water consumption.
  • Reduced energy consumption through high efficiency, state of the art, HVAC systems.  Humidification control has also been incorporated to insure optimum tenant comfort.
  • Stringentwaste management procedures will be followed during construction to reduce the impact of construction waste on the environment.
  • Recycled materials will be used to the greatest extent possible. Where practical, locally manufactured products and systems will be incorporated to minimize the pollution inherent in transportation.
  • Exclusive use of low emitting paints, carpeting, adhesives and sealants will minimize tenant exposure to hazardous chemicals and maximize indoor air quality.
  • Monitoring systems, including that for carbon dioxide, will insure maximum environmental comfort along with the lowest use of energy.
  • Storm water management, including retention will mitigate the effects of roof and  hardscape on the environment.
  • The building is sited directly across from a Metro stop, which should encourage the use of public transportation.
Artfully designed lobby including granite and glass walls, terrazzo flooring, and an articulated ceiling and dramatic lighting.

Floor Plate
19,958 square foot rectangular floor plates proportioned for efficient interior and perimeter office layouts.  Windows wrap corner offices to maximize views and are fitted with louvered blinds.  Power service sized to accommodate high-tech, high-demand users.
Structural Bay
Efficient 30 foot flat plate concrete structure producing modulated spaces that allow maximum efficiency in the layout of contemporary systems furniture.
Efficient rectangular core requiring minimal dedicated circulations thus allowing great flexibility in tenant planning.
Five centrally located high-speed traction elevators programmed for quick response and minimal waiting time.  Elevators connect all office floors with four levels of parking.  Heavy-duty freight elevator serving all levels.  Elegantly designed cab interiors with high-quality finishes and lighting.
Digitally controlled variable-air-volume HVAC system.  High performance, cool tinted low emissivity energy efficient window glass.  9'-0" finished ceiling height.
State-of-the-art building and telecommunication system and card key security access system.  Complete automatic wet pipe sprinkler system and smoke detectors.  Concealed heads in finished public areas.  Emergency stand-by power system.
A first-class fitness facility with state-of-the-art equipment will be available exclusively to building tenants.

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Disclaimer: All property descriptions and related information are for illustrative purposes only.

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